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We are proud to introduce you all with our current brand ambassadors who are located all over the world.

Alyssa Pellei Equestrian Art...

Alyssa is an extremely talented young lady who trains and performs beside her horses at liberty, classical dressage and traditional spanish and portuguese styles of riding. Residing in Hungary and frecuently travelling worldwide, Alyssa offers clinics, training programess, lessons, spectacular shows and also special horse sales.

Alyssa captures the fine movements of the horse and showcases their talent and natural ability to perfom such beautiful movements. Horsemanship at its finest, as you can witness in the video shown, the connection she has with her equines is phenomenal.

To contact Alyssa for more information on her schedule or the services she offers, click the icons below:

📞 ( 36)706265996

Flying Spirit Creations...

A wonderful inspirational woman called Lisa, from the UK, creates sensitive art bringing your photographs and memories to life... 
***Xmas commissions are being taken NOW!!!*** These luxurious paintings are available in various sizes and materials from only 49,95€..

Lisa is able to capture any person or animal in many different ways and realistically proyect expressions and fine details. She created Flying Spirit Creations after her beautiful Spanish horse Spirit was stolen in 2011 and never seen again. She also offers photo shoots tailored to your requirements, whether to produce high quality prints or as source material for her artwork. 


Flying Spirit Creations is dedicated to Spirit, Lisa's Andalusian x gelding that was stolen in 2011. The search for him is still going strong. He has left a huge hole in her heart.. Here is the link to the website regarding all of the info in the search of Spirit...

To book a photoshoot or order a portrait you can contact Lisa by clicking on the following icons:

📞 ( 44)7712156726


Sofia and Vladimir run this hearfilled business in a lovely village in Sweden. They thrive in the understanding of the horses nature and allow riding to become a natural essence in both their and their equines lives, fulfilling the needs of every horse with such ease. Their motto is ''Riding should be so simple that even the horse understands it.''  They have a beautiful concept of equine training, to train the horse as his needs would grow, not on our terms, but his own. 

Equi-Action offers various services both at their facilities, at horse fairs and shows all over the world and in several equine facilities around sweden. They have high knowledge and experience with both youngsters and highly schooled equines. They offer services such as lessons, collaborations, training programmes, clinics, weekend students, study visits, loading courses, spectacular shows....

To contact Sofia or Vladimir for more information on their concept of equine training or in the services they offer, click the icons below:

📞 ( 46)703676272
📞 ( 46)707547891

Foxglove Photography...

Laurie, based in the USA, is a creative photographer who offers various photoshoot plans for horse, rider and pets. She captures the true essence of love and bondship between equine and partner through her lense and also further offers various editing options to add extra special features to your photos. Maybe your looking for a fantasy photoshoot for a magazine or calendar, or even some quality photos for your social media accounts, Foxglove photography is the place to go. 

Laurie resides in Pittsburgh but offers her services nationally around the states. With a wide range of experience in photography from capturing the 4 seasons to converting your equines into unicorns and dragons, nothing is impossible at a Foxglove photography session. 

To contact Laurie for more information on her photoshoots or to look at her portfolio click on the icons below:

📞 ( 1)412-292-5623


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