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Why Choose a Custom ZALDI saddle for you and your horse?

Jessica -  16 Apr 2020 23:00:00 Other articles...

Many people ask Why Zaldi?


The more well known brands like Devocoux, Antares, CWD, Butet, Voltaire, Equipe, Black Country, Albion, Custom Saddlery, Prestige...... Ect. Are pretty much always in people conversations and topics. As we can understand the zaldi saddles are well known here in Spain.. But why aren't they known worldwide? There are only have 4 reps in the USA and 3 of them are in the same state.. Not so many everywhere else.. 


Our aim here at The Baroque and Iberian Equine Store is to boost the knowledge of these saddles internationally, to introduce slowly but surely new clients to this fabulous brand of custom saddles. (amongst all of they're other fabulous equine attire). 


We can offer an entire Saddle Fit for both horse and rider no matter where in the world you are. All you need is yourself, your horse, an Amazon flex curve or an English saddler consultation and either a computer or tablet for contacting us via email or message or a telephone or mobile to call us! It's that simple.. Honestly! 


We chose them over many others for so many reasons:

-Totally custom saddles with so many options making them versatile to adapt to any horse and rider. Offering seat sizes from 16" to 19" and gullet sizes from Narrow at 28cm yo XXX Wide at 36cm. Also different channel widths. 

-Absolutley affordable..! Not like most custom saddles that break the bank....

-Any and we mean ANY Colour combination is available. Hot pink, royal blue or maybe a Suttle bicolour of brown and tan...

-Extra soft and Top quality materials. Lovely smelly new boxcalf and croupon leather.

-With many extra options that are also affordable.. Such as multiposition stirrup bars, multiposition panels, extra comfortable seat, cantle/pommel angles, different twist sizes, easy reflocking panels... So many more..

-Over 100 models to choose from. Mix and match them to create your perfect saddle.

-Knee/Thigh blocks. 5 different options to choose from. Available sewn on the outside of the flap, under the flap adjustable via velcro (not available on monoflaps for obvious reasons!).. Or screwed on the outside of the flap, allowing you to swap the knee and Thigh blocks however you prefer for each occasion.

-No old made up saddles. Every saddle has a unique code. Handmade specially for their owner. And come with a 10 year tree guarantee. 

-Either a fixed (but adjustable by a saddler machine) or an easy change gullet system. And not to mention a fully intelligent flexible tree to mould to your horses shape and change as your horse changes shape..

-Fully revamp and adjustable. This means one saddle lasts more than a lifetime. You can send the saddle back to zaldi for a full revamp, change some colours, reflock, repairs,  different knee blocks, different size.. Allowing the same saddle to be passed onto another equine and be revamped and adjusted to fit.


This is why we chose Zaldi over all of the brands mentioned above. Have you already purchased YOUR dream saddle made by Zaldi?



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