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Offering a wide variety of saddles covering all disciplines. Zaldi also offer an extensive catalogue of all equine equipment. All items are available to purchase here.

Saddle Customization. All Zaldi saddles are handmade in Salamanca, Spain. There are a selection of extra options you can add onto most of these saddles to have a bespoke saddle just for you and your horse. Below, these options are stated, but we cannot guarantee all options are available for all of the models. Some options have an extra charge. It is also a possibility they can also be added onto a zaldi saddle you may already own (Contact us for a personalised quote). Other extra quality products are also handmade in the zaldi factory and therefore can be customized on request of the customer. The models on our online store show all of the possibilities for each saddle. 

**A DROPPED PANEL is also advised for horses with a significant high wither. This must be notified when purchasing. The price is 55€ extra avaialble on ALL models.

What are the customisation options??

💎Tree Options: Fixed, Changeable Gullet.
💎Seat Options: Sizes from 16" to 19". Seat for a woman or a man. Standard, Extra comfortable or Country. Semi-deep or Deep. High or low cantle & pommel.
💎Stirrup bars: Short, Long, Multiposition 2, Multiposition 4, Multiposition 5.
💎Leather: Croupon or Boxcalf. Combinations of leather, suede, Z plus available.
💎Channel Size: 5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 11cm
💎Panel Options: Long or Upswept. Multiposition easy flock (WOOL) or Standard. Shoulder relief and dropped panels.
💎Decoration: Dressage or Baroque.
💎Knee/Thigh Block Options: Fixed on the outer flap, Fixed on the iner flap, Screw Changeable or Velcro. T-M System,  Thigh Block, Small Knee Block, Medium Knee Block or Large Knee Block.
💎Girth Strap Options: V Elastic strap, V non elastic strap, V with one strap inside panel, multiposition, dressage long straps or short.
💎Colours: Any colour combination available. You decide on leather, stitching, edging and piping colours.


EASY!! All you have to do is pick up the phone and Call Us on 34 645056761 or send us a Whatsapp and we will advise on the custom options for you and your horse. 

You can ORDER VIA THE ONLINE SHOP by simply selecting the options you and your horse needs, typing the colour combination in the assorted type box and click ADD TO CART! We will contact you to confirm the custom order. 

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