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Please correctly select all of the options you need on your new custom saddle. If you have any enquiries feel free to contact us. Extras with additional costs are shown with a +. (Please give 2 weeks for your custom saddle to be specially made before dispatch.)


This fantastic dressage saddle is custom made and offers 15 benefits for both horse and rider... A Monoflap and forward flap saddle. 


Available with a standard adjustable gullet system which allows the gullet size to be adjusted by a saddler machine. This saddle is also available with a change gullet system meaning you can change the gullet size at home (if you choose a change gullet system notify us of current needed size and of any spare gullets you would like to purchase with the saddle priced at 25€ each).


1. New shock protection. 

In viscoelastic 'memory foam' with 4cm of soft silicone.


2. An extra comfortable seat. 

Made from 3 layers of rubber; 2 layers of ELAX high density silicone and one layer of latex. 


3. With a flexible, durable tree/seat. 

New 2.5cm higher protection of croupon leather and moulded material to avoid damage to the tree in the event of a fall or knock. 


4. New dual density tree, with different densities for horse and rider. 

The dual density tree has the ability to adjust completely to the back of the horse. The under part of the tree which is in contact with the horse's back is made of foam designed to expand and spread the rider's weight over the horse's back avoiding pressure points. 


5. The riders contact area is ergonomically designed, lifting the lateral areas to release pressure on the urethra, so avoiding possible health problems in later years and allowing full and unrestricted blood flow. 

The top surface is slightly curved, to adapt to the rider and give optimum comfort while helping to push the pelvis forward and keep the back in a correct and comfortable riding position. 


6. New Intelligent panels, with an incorporated wither pad. 

Consisting of a 1cm layer 'memory foam' wither pad with moisture resistant wool filling to avoid lumps or voids. 


7. Comfortable trim.

The trim where the saddle and flaps join has been redesigned for comfort and to avoid pressure on the inside thigh when riding. 


8. Reinforced with an 'anti sanding' effect. Made in croupon leather giving greater durability to the saddle. 


9. Double sewn girth straps. Reinforced and double stitched with waxed thread for maximum strength. 

The first girth strap can be elasticated, for easy movement and to allow the horse to breathe freely whilst also releasing pressure on the horse's back. The second girth strap can be in a V configuration which is good in any saddle as it avoids saddle roll and helps to release pressure on the shoulder. 


10. Knee rolls with air intake. The knee rolls contain a row of air holes to allow circulation of air which gives correct pressure and support at all times. 


11. New anatomically shaped dual density knee roll, providing strength in the upper section and more flexibility in the lower part. Available aside the thigh block options.


12. Anatomic panels. The new series of panels are made in a triangular shape for easy movement of the horse and to adapt the pressure caused by the rider's weight. 


13. Close contact effect. (MonoFlap)

The flaps are attached directly to the panels, with a 10cm stitching along the entire length to prevent displacement of the flaps.


14. Sprenger stirrup bars, at an angle of 45°, so hindering foot slippage from the stirrup. The top quality stirrup bars carry the Sprenger guarantee. 


15. Fully adjustable saddle, you design how your saddle is made by completing an order form with all your specifications and wishes. Any colour combinations available.



Any Colour combination is possible of the stitching, piping and edge strips… You can also choose to have suede areas on your saddle.

Please describe how you would like your saddle to look in the box above.


🏹Main colours are available as one or as a mix of up to three colours. Special colours also available on parts of the saddle for example the seat, cantle areas or knee blocks..  (depending on availability of leather colours).

🏹Edging.. the edging refers to the thick piping around the front of the flaps and pommel area and around the sides of the panels and behind the cantle.

🏹Piping.. the piping refers to the thinner line of piping on the seat and on the back of the panels.

🏹Stitching.. this refers to all of the stitching on the saddle.

All of which can be mixed and matched however you like. 

  • Traditional colours: Black, Brown, Havana, Tosted Tan, London Tan.
  • Special colours: White, Grey, Silver, Royal Blue, Red, Forest Green, Lilac, Yellow, Lime Green, Pink. 




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